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Software Development (India)

Are you looking for Customized Software Development Company ?

We help you build develop software applications for web, client server, desktop, mobile, iPad / iPhone and assist you throughout the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including project management, systems analysis and design, development and implementation.

Our software application solutions enable you to enhance customer relationship, increase your return on investment and stay ahead of competition. Best professionally educated designers, experienced and skilled programmers, highly professional managers are always at your disposal on your application development and application maintenance project(s). We do this by staying abreast on technology, industry trends, constantly training our staff, retaining the best talent, applying latest software engineering practices and development tools.

We also follow Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology, which involves iterative development and prototyping techniques to accelerate application development. Our experience in development of applications proved with a great deal of successfully completed projects and references from our customers.

We develop Custom Software Solution for your Business...

FTP is very much specializes in Customized Projects that suites to your business needs, either it is an internet or intranet or single pc based. Either small or large business, our solution fullfill your requirement.

Understanding your Software Requirement

Before providing a tailor made applications, we study your business needs and suggest you the best solution within your Budget. While working with you, we list down the specific needs that of your business and brief you about the solutions which can further be customized.

Providing you the Solution

As per the Software features and functionalities we prepare the Proposal and mention the Time Delivery and Cost Effort with the best rates in the market. Once you accept the proposal, we start with the Software Business Logics Document and list out all your requirements in detail. This is very important step of Software Development Cycle that every Companies in charni road Mumbai India & Internationally follows. Then we initiate with the Prototype / Screenshot of the Software that demonstrates the look and feel of the software and help you in deciding the end results.

Software Development & Final Delivery

Once the Business Logic Document and Prototype is approved, we start developing the Software. We strongly believes in delivering quality result. We spend our resources effort in developing a Quality Software and makes our Customers always Happy.

  • We offers a wide range of customized web and windows development solutions at affordable rates.
  • We are having a good knowledge and experience in the latest technologies.
  • Challange you for the best rates in the market.
  • Being with us you will gain very much IT information that helps your business
FTP is a leading as a software development company in Mumbai India.

With the most advance technologies, we provide cost effective custom software development solutions and services including web applications projects for small and large enterprise. We are having our experts in this area who are able to take care of software development projects.

What we do ?

Custom Software Development

If off-the-shelf solutions on the market do not accurately and completely match the processes and ultimate goals of your firm and you would like made-to-order product, FTP software developers will help you build a solution to align completely with your business aspirations, corporate procedures and internal communication processes!

Software Security Architecture

In the current state of IT companies handle loads of sensitive data that has to be protected from misuse and unsolicited intrusion by software security violators. Our custom software development team has hands-on experience in architecting robust software systems to help your business protect your users’ information and corporate data from any unlawful breaches and hacks.

Software Product Development

Creating a software product requires not only tech talent, but also business finesse and domain expertise to evaluate the market and user expectations, assess the competition and possible risks. If you are planning to launch your own software product, but feel the need to extend your in-house team, FTP is here to become part of your remote software development center, giving you access to our domain and technology expertise.

Enterprise Application Integration

Complex enterprise systems communicate with various sources of dispersed corporate data that requires to be integrated into a common data hub for maximum efficiency and immediacy of further processing. FTP developer expertise includes enterprise application integration solutions to make your data management more comprehensible and prompt, and exploit all the corporate resources that you have at hand for your advantage.

UX Design & Software Prototyping

Information architecture and visual design is a must-have component of a great software project, they are prerequisite for conceptualizing your idea and getting a custom software product that will become a true business driver for your company. FTP offers UX design and prototyping services to help your business yield the best possible output results.

Software Reengineering & Modernization

As IT market evolves and brings new innovations to the tech crowd, your solution, yet performing well, may quickly become “stale” and fail to meet the high demands of the users of today, thus, not matching your business goals anymore. FTP will join your firm to update your solution and make it lucrative and performance-boosting again by reengineering and refactoring it!

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