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Focusing on the present scenario of the Education in Mumbai, Future Tech Partner delivers a diversified output on all the aspects of College Management. Future Tech Partner, is one of the Software Development Companies in Mumbai.We have developed an integrated solution for complete computerization for educational institutions specifically keeping in mind the requirements of colleges. Our College Management Software, is tried and tested and with the use of our college management software almost all departments within the college can be synchronized and accessed.

Our College Management Software entitled “ACADMIN” is an advanced web based college management system offering high flexibility and an abundance of features. Its main feature is to provide seamless networked campus and a paperless administration. ACADMIN is the best solution for the centralized management of academic data and this application platform provides a right communication link between faculty, parents and students in Mumbai and Rest of India. The product is a software which provides a systematic approach to control, describe, store, retrieve and share information contained.
“ACADMIN”is engineered and designed considering range of management functions within Colleges in Mumbai and Rest of India. ACADMIN has a list of selective modules specifically tailored to the requirements of Colleges in Mumbai, which are described below:

1. Student Module:
It streamlines data collection, storage & retrieval and the management of records to improve both operational and management tasks. This module starts functioning from the point where the candidate is taking admission into the institution. System supports the student admission & registration process, the maintenance of current student personal and historical data. The database maintained by this system usually contains personal student information along with their academic records. Student Module provides a simplified application process by reducing effort and duplication. It uses a single window entry system for selection process.

2. Fees Module:
This module is one of the most critical processes involved in running an institution. Our Fee management Module provides its users with complete solution to handle fee-related information along with the frequency at which it is collected. Clerk involved in fee collection will have restricted access to this module. Only the administrator will have the complete control over the fee structuring and other related activities. The Fee module enables you to maintain registers of fee receipts and outstanding amounts on a student/ course basis. The fee module has a configurable structure for concession and penalty and its calculations thereof.
This module is classified into:
  • Master
  • Fee Structure
  • Fee Collection
  • Reports & Analysis
This module aids the maintenance and tracking of not only student’s fee collections, but also for refund and cancellation. This module includes,Fee Structure Defining (Tuition Fee, etc.), Fee Receipt, Penalty Calculation.

  • Student wise fee configuration (User can configure student wise / course wise fee / common for all students).
  • Fee Collection Reports (User can check fee reports Daily, Monthly or Date wise and on many other criteria’s).
  • Searching or Filter options (User can search students by name, by course wise and by Admission No.)
  • Providing concession & refund are also provided with this module.
  • Fee heads can be defined monthly, quarterly, and annually or in installments.
  • You can generate different types of reports like daily fee statement, consolidated fee statement, class wise dues, and student paid details etc. Fee Management Module automatically calculates the pending fees, deductions and concessions if any applicable to the selected student.

3. Result Module:
This module is one of the most important involved in evaluating students’ performance. Our Result Module provides its staff members to upload marks in Excel form and automatic generation of Mark sheet course or subject wise. It calculates CGPA and Grade based on student marks. It generates Mark sheet in .pdf Format followed with which it can be printed.

4. Attendance Module:
This module enables a faculty to upload the attendance automatically and automatic calculation of blacklists, because of which it becomes easy for faculty members to evaluate a student.

5. Notice Module:
Don't have a record of all notice(s) put up on the notice board in a year? We have a solution for that too. This module captures all the notice(s) created / saved / printed from the system in assorted manner which can later be retrieved if required too. Its critical application is NAAC, LIC, College inspection where all the records are thoroughly checked and all notice(s) have to be in proper place to achieve higher institutional ratings.

  • 1. Manage Multiple Departments from a Single System.
  • 2. Effective Use of Time
  • 3. Highly Customizable According to your Requirements
  • 4. Cost Effective
  • 5. Total computerized system
  • 6. Manage number of Branches with one Application
  • 7. Anywhere, Anytime Availability – Internet with Automatic Synchronization.
  • 8. Online Access Login System.
  • 9. Brand Image of Institute.
  • 10. Best Possible Resource Optimization.
  • 11. Everything will be taken care through this Application.
  • 12. Centrally Stored Information with Zero Redundancy.
  • 13. Cost-Effective one Point Solution for total Institute Management.
  • 14. Auto-Generated Features like for Timetables, Attendance etc.
  • 15. Total Control on the Application by Admin like Assigning Rights.
  • 16. High Level Data Security.
  • 17. All Work Pressure will be reduced by the use of this Application.
  • 18. Carefully Designed & user Friendly Interfacerequiring minimal IT skills.
  • 19. Availability & Accessibility of records 24X7 to Authorized Persons.
  • 20. Minimal Data Redundancy.
  • 21. Centralized Data Repository for Trouble - Free Data Access.
  • 22. Elimination of People - Dependent Processes.
  • 23. Freedom from Maintaining lots of Registers year by year.
  • 24. Authenticated Profile Dependent Access to Data.
  • 25. Automated Management of Marks and Grades.
  • 26. Computerized Student Attendance.
  • 27. Pre-set and Authenticated Access to data
  • 28. 24/7 accessibility from across the globe
  • 29. Hundreds of Automated and Quick report generation.
  • 30. Bulk Data uploading facility viz. MKCL Excel sheets etc.

  • 1. Admission Management Module
  • 2. Fees Management Module
  • 3. Examination Module
  • 4. Student Module
  • 5. Reporting Module
Future updates on ACADMIN will INCLUDE
  • 1. Attendance Module
  • 2. Class Module
  • 3. Course Module
  • 4. Administration Module
  • 5. Payment Module
  • 6. Inventory Module
  • 7. Placement Management
  • 8. Notice Board and Polls
  • 9. Reporting Module
  • 10. Permission Email Marketing System Module
  • 11. News and Event Management Module
  • 12. SMS Module

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