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E - Commerce Solutions (India)

The Age of E-Commerce
The new era of global e-commerce is reshaping the competition and metamorphosing the way business is done. Spurred by the steady growth of online commerce, measured at more than 25% a year, businesses today gun for newer markets, higher revenues and reduced operational costs. Whether you are in retail e-commerce (better known as business-to-consumer or B2C) or a major player in the B2B (business-to-business) segment, Future Tech Partner offers a wide array of solutions designed for online sales process management and secure e-transactions.

Laying the foundation for e-commerce growth calls for more automated techniques and sophisticated technology. At Future Tech Partner, we know what works best for online businesses and help propel e-business modules to the next level of excellence. Future Tech Partner develops second-generation e-commerce solutions - ranging from attractive storefronts and data-driven architecture to foolproof e-security, Web-based administration, multiple-level user rights and customer service tools. Unlike out-of-the-box e-commerce tools, our utility-specific solutions and applications are totally customised to address the unique challenges of your business. Team Olive works with you in close co-ordination - developing e-commerce solutions which are well aligned with your existing business process and also ensuring complete scalability for future growth.
Future Tech Partner's E-Commerce Solutions
Whether you are a start-up company on the World Wide Web or a leading firm seeking to streamline and enhance e-commerce operations, marketing & selling on the Net is always a challenging task. Successful e-commerce ensures a seamless integration of strategic initiatives and technological endeavours, as you need to attract prospects, build credibility and close transactions quickly. Future Tech Partner's experienced e-commerce strategists will analyse your e-business models and identify technical requirements, prior to developing a powerful e-commerce platform around a robust infrastructure.

From shopping cart and product catalogue development to payment gateway integration, order tracking and processing, inventory tracking, discount functions, currency conversion and tax/shipping calculations - Olive provides a complete suite of tools and applications which will meet your e-commerce needs and enhance your bottom line. We offer excellently designed user interface, easy navigation, robust hosting, and secure applications, complemented by improved brand visibility, quality traffic generation and effective customer relationship management. Olive's pursuit of quality, excellence and customer commitment makes us the partner of choice, as businesses across the globe exploit e-market potentials, implement sustainable strategies and build successful e-commerce presence.
What We Offer:
» Design & Development of e-commerce Websites
» E-commerce Hosting
» Powerful Storefront Features
» Database-driven Product Catalogues
» Product Search
» Shopping Cart Facilities
» Order Tracking & Processing
» Price Alerts
» Discount Functions
» Inventory Management, Product Management & Stock Control
» Payment Gateway Integration; Credit Card Validation; Online Payment Processing
» Multi-Currency Support & Currency Conversion
» Shipping & Tax Management
» Supply Chain Solutions
» Traffic Log Analysis, Statistical Reports & Website Monitoring
» Online Membership Management
» Mailing Lists Management
How You Gain
» New markets; more customers; greater revenue generation
» Streamlined processes, all-round operational excellence; effective cost savings
» Quick time-to-market; increased service levels
» Enhanced customer relationships; higher level of customer loyalty
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